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North Raleigh Judo Club

Sensei Rob Olevsky (3rd degree Blackbelt in Judo) is the chief instructor of the judo program at Karate International of Raleigh. Mr. Olevsky took over instruction for the club from it's previous instructor Bill Dearing, 4th degree Black Belt, when Mr. Dearing moved to California. Mr Olevsky expects the club to continue to grow and impact judo in the Raleigh, Triangle area in a positive manor.

Kodokan Judo Information
Judo is translated from the Japanese as "The Way of Flexibility". Professor Jigaro Kano, a master of three different styles of jujitsu (or, "The Methods of Flexibility"), developed it in 1882. He believed that Japan's traditional martial arts were in danger of disappearing due to the country's modernization. He was also convinced that martial arts study had more to offer than technique alone and their practice could help improve one's health and overall well being, or a "way" of living.

The young Kano opened the Kodokan, literally, "The Place to Study the Way" and invited the many Jujitsu schools to join him in preserving their teachings. Quite a few did, but a lot resisted. In 1884, the Tokyo Police Department invited all the Jujitsu schools to compete so they could select the most effective style to teach their officers. Of the fourteen matches, Judo competitors won thirteen and tied one. Thus Kodokan Judo instantly achieved national recognition although the names, "Judo" and "Jujitsu" would be used interchangeably almost until 1950.

Kano and some of these masters began to formulate a safe and modern study method for their many techniques. Over the years this method has changed and modified, but Kano's vision inspired Judo to evolve into the well-rounded study of self-defense and sporting applications that it is. Judo is an effective method of self-defense, an Olympic sport and an excellent method for physical fitness. The Judo practiced here at Karate International is authentic Kodokan Judo. All promotions are through the United States Judo Association and are valid and recognized internationally.

Judo is best known for it's spectacular throwing techniques but also involves considerable grappling on the ground utilizing specialized pins, control holds, arm locks and chokes. Judo emphasizes safety and full physical activity for top conditioning.

How do I get started?
Most new Judo students start by coming in to try our introductory program to give Judo a try. We have a short introductory program that allows you to try out three classes before you make any decisions. If you are new to Judo and the martial arts in general, you can pay $29.50 and take the three classes and get a new "student uniform". Judo classes for beginner are Mondays at 6:00p.m. and Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. We like to do a short orientation before the class, and fit new students for their uniforms. So, the first time you come, we set an appointment for 30 minutes prior to the class times above.

To set an appointment, all you have to do is send the following information by email, and we will confirm:

Parent’s First Name (if Student is under 18):

Parent’s Last Name (if Student is under 18) :

Student’s First Name:

Student’s Last Name:

Date of Birth:



Zip Code:

Mobile Phone:

Home Phone:

Date you would like to get started:

Does Karate International have facilities for changing clothes?
We have nice locker rooms with plenty of room to change clothes and get ready for class.

What can I expect from the beginner level classes?
Beginner students will participate in some simple falling instruction and learning to some of the very basics of judo technique. Some drill type work will be offered to you in the first class, along with a bit of watching. Their skill level will be determined in the first class and instruction will be based on that skill level.

Is there anything in particular I need to bring for my first time?
Since the introductory program includes a "student uniform", most new students do not need to bring anything with them. If you have additional workout supplies, there will be a place in our locker room where you can leave a gymbag.

What supplies will I need for taking Judo classes?
Judo does not require any additional supplies at the beginning level. Some people who have had Judo before, know the benefits of a Judo/grappling uniform, for all the tugging and pulling. If you have a previous martial arts uniform, feel free to wear it. If you have a grappling uniform already, you can try a class with us for free. If you'd like a Judo/grappling uniform rather than the student uniform, you can purchase an introductory program for $59.50, which includes 3 classes and a single weave Judo uniform. The Judo grappling uniforms range in price from $59.50 to $85.00 depending on what type you choose.

Please let us know if we can help you get started in classes.

You can reach us by email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling 919-876-8898.