Karate International's Mixed Martial Arts Program


What can I expect for my first time?

Most adults who inquire about Mixed Martial Arts are searching for a program to begin training in the combined arts of Judo, Jujitsu and Karate/Kickboxing. We recommend that everyone start out with our $29.50 introductory program in the general beginner adult classes. You can sample all 3 classes in one art, or try each art to see what you prefer.


What can you tell me about the $29.50 introductory program?

The $29.50 includes 3 beginner adult classes, an orientation, and a new student uniform!  It is a great chance to try it out and actually take the beginner classes with all the other beginner adults.  Our classes are small, usually 8 or less in the beginner group.  Our instructors have trained for many years as teachers so that they make adults feel comfortable and safe in the classes.  After all, very few adults like to be a beginner at anything.  We'll do our best to have you enjoy the classes and get a workout that is right for you body conditioning.  Every class is a bit like having a personal training session.

At the first appointment we would start with an orientation.  It will take about 20 minutes.  Then we will guide you right into the group general beginner adult class that starts at 7:30 any night, Mon-Thur or 12:00 noon on Saturdays. We like to do the orientation at 7:00 on any of those evenings, or at 11:30 on Saturday. We would do the 20 minute orientation first, then you would pay the $29.50 and we would fit you for your new uniform. We have locker rooms where you can change and you will be barefoot in the group class.

These general classes are the introduction to the stand-up arts as well as the blocks used in Jujitsu. Our general program is a mixed program that will guide you into all of the arts of Judo, Jujitsu and Karate/Kickboxing.

What if I am more interested in Jujitsu or Judo?

Most adults still start out by taking the $29.50 general introductory program. The Judo classes Classes are offered 3 days per week.  The beginners are all taught as part of the class.  You will be grouped together by skill level.  The Jujitsu ground work class is offered on twice per week.  Both of these arts are meant to supplement a good general program, although we do have a few people who decide to take only one of these arts.

What can I expect from the beginner level Judo or Jujitsu classes?

Beginner students will participate in some simple falling instruction and learning to some of the very basics of judo and jujitsu technique.  Some drill type work will be offered to you in the first class, along with a bit of watching the more experienced students. To set an appointment or request more information, all you have to do is click on the link below.


Click here to request more information or to set your first class! Be sure to note that you are interested in MMA, Judo or Jujitsu in the comment section.


What are the costs involved in practicing MMA?

Usually after you take a few classes, you are ready to make some decision.  So, we have everyone take a few classes and then we go over the various enrollment processes.  But, here are the basic facts:

One cost you should consider is a grappling uniform. Although the introductory program offers you a student uniform included in the $29.50 fee, eventually, if you stay in Mixed Martial Arts, you will want a uniform that can take a little more wear and tear. These uniforms are stocked in every size in our Student store and range in price from $59.50 to $89.50.

The monthly fees vary based on if you are studying one art or multiple arts to actually practice mixed martial arts. After you have had a few classes, it will be much easier to understand the options to continue. You will then be able to make a decision based on experience and fact, rather than just watching a class or two.

Does Karate International have facilities for changing clothes?

We have nice locker rooms with plenty of room to change clothes and get ready for class.